We all want it to happen but unfortunately, it is very unlikely. To make Bitcoin a $1 M coin, the market cap needed is about $18.5 quadrillion which is impossible you see. Moreover, Bitcoin will likely hit upwards of $100,000 or even $150,000. Due to the insane volatility of these cryptos, for a brief moment bitcoin was able to hit $60,000 but soon they crashed and made everybody lose and gain a lot of money in the process. But if you look at the history it is evident the fact that it will surely hit a new high and this time it would disrupt the world economy altogether.

Currently, Bitcoin holds the record for the highest percentage gain in a decade. If you invested $1 in 2010 then in 2020 it would have become $10 billion. Mind-numbing isn’t it?

By theory, if someone puts or invests in Bitcoin then the price of the coin goes up and if someone does the opposite then the price comes down.
This is a game of supply and demand where more demand increases the price and more supply decreases the price.


Currently, Ethereum is the hottest thing in the crypto world, even bigger than BTC. The technology behind it is more promising than anything. Still, BTC is king but in the future, Ethereum would surely surpass it and make it the most valuable cryptocurrency ever.
Ethernet was deliberately made on the technology that was built on the foundations of BTC.

But as a matter of fact, the newly minted coins such as Cardano and Tron are more promising than these old ones but they are not very reliable because they don’t have a very big history.

Ethereum mining is among the most profitable ones, they are coming with a new revolution in which the power required for mining would be reduced by 99%, which is insane. The new technology they are working on is called Ethereum 2.0.
Unlike bitcoin mining, Ethereum mining would never end and it will always present itself with the opportunity of mining to newcomers in the market.

3. SATOSHI NAKAMOTO (the creator of Bitcoin) TO BE REVEALED

It is one of the most talked-about debates in the crypto world. In the early days of Bitcoin when no one knew about its existence, Satoshi Nakamoto used to do transactions and there are clear indications that he was active in the early days but due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, everybody is in dark and nobody knows about anyone.
The world of cryptocurrency is so secretive that nobody knows if Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a community of creators.

The effect after the discovery of the BTC can create disruptions in our economy that can last for years and these disruptions may be negative or positive. People are skeptical of the fact that bitcoin was made by someone who was fed up with the systems of the government.
Cryptocurrencies at their very core are a tool that is aimed against the workings of the government. It aims to do all the things that government doesn’t want you to do and it was also made in a way government or any entity cannot stop it.

The discovery of Satosshi Nakamoto would be more influence than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill gates because he is directly aiming at the workings of the government.

And it is sure that his discovery would be very devastating to him because banks wouldn’t like him because of the things that he has done against them.

Reasons as to why He is Still in the Hiding?

  • Because he might be afraid of being “the guy” who invented it all.
  • He may be an introvert.
  • He may be afraid of the very reason, which led him to start Bitcoin in the first place, the government.

As a matter of fact, Julian Assange was the creator of WikiLeaks (accuracy of 100%, yes you heard it right) who published very classified information about companies, due to this the government wanted to arrest him but he hid in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for years. And at last, the government went inside the embassy and manually carried him out and arrest him.


El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender because their currency is of no or less value and adopting Bitcoin is the right thing to do for their economy. The thing that started as a fling now has been adopted by a country, and it is pretty evident that many countries will soon follow.
In the cryptocurrency world, we are just getting started.

Here the real problem lies in the fact that the value of BTC constantly changes, which needs to be solved. The only constant thing we can keep is the amount of bitcoin needed for a product that is to be bought.
Here a conflict can occur in the form that a consumer would like to buy something when the value of bitcoin is low but a producer or a seller would like to accept something when the value of bitcoin is high for maximum profits, considering the fact that the amount of BTC needed for the particular product is same in both cases.

The only thing required is that most countries should recognize it as a legal tender just like dollars. It is a matter of just recognition, the more people realize it, the better it is.

The Next Country to Adopt Bitcoin

Just like El Salvador the next country would likely be from the African region because their currencies are not very stable and doing so brings about a little bit of stability in the country and also makes them a little bit richer as the price of bitcoin are you going up and up.


Investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are legends in the field of investing but they hesitate to invest in cryptos. Many of their believers following in their footsteps don’t invest just like them. They restrict themselves from investing in the market of crypto as they think this is a form of gambling with no history and no way to do research about it either.

Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger

They truly believe in the value analysis of any company and crypto is an initiative taken by its inventor maybe for their own good, is not the thing that this experience investors would like to step in.

Current Net Worth of

1. Warren Buffet: $101.1 Billion

2. Charlie Munger: $2.2 Billion

Many people are waiting for the day when these old and experienced investors would invest their money in the new thing where everybody seems to be investing.
On the other hand, other billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban seem to be getting with the flow of investing in cryptos. Generally, young billionaires are investing their money and mind in the crypto world as they are more into the newness of if.



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