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USA and USSR were in between the cold war for world dominance which lasted for a significant amount of time, they were very tough competitors and had many things that made them better than the other. But in some cases or we can say most of the cases USSR was edging ahead in the superiority race. They even launched the first man into space and the first satellite in space and the only thing that remained was putting a man on the moon. To this, the Americans knew one thing, if they want to win this war the only way was to win the space race by putting a man on the moon.

Now, when we look at the different side of the story we can see if the USA goes to the moon by hook or by crook it will basically it will become what it intended to, so here a possible reason arises that they might have made all the requirements of landing a spacecraft on the moon for simply edging ahead of USSR to win the war.

Difference between a cosmonaut and an astronaut: Cosmonauts are the people trained and certified by the Russian Space Agency to work in space whereas the Astronauts are the people trained and certified by NASA to work in space.


The basic question that arises is that if NASA has done it before then why nobody has gone to the moon or beyond that in nearly 50 years. Private companies like SpaceX are trying to achieve these promises of sending people beyond the Earth. Although currently, NASA is planning to land people on the moon again as the current government has approved of this. But they are at a very early stage.
Again a question can be asked here if NASA sent people on the moon then why so much planning is needed, they already have the resources of previous missions, and that too they have the most advanced and most sophisticated technology in-house.

Read this brilliant article by Business Insider on why haven’t we returnrd to the moon in 50 years: https://www.businessinsider.in/tech/astronauts-explain-why-nobody-has-visited-the-moon-in-more-than-45-years-and-the-reasons-are-depressing/articleshow/64989830.cms#:~:text=The%20Trump%20administration%20wants%20to,not%20scientific%20or%20technical%20challenges.

A likely explanation may be due to lack of funding but NASA has managed to do some amazing work in recent times with very little funding that they have received from the government.
Another likely explanation can be that space exploration is done for the betterment of human civilization but we are at a time where if you are born today then you are too late for Earth exploration and too early for space exploration. So the only way NASA could have sought more funding is through public interest and general taxpayer taking interest in it and they kind of did as everyone’s childhood dream is to become an astronaut.


The 3 astronauts that returned from the moon were possibly the hero of the 20th century. They represented what human beings could do and are capable of. They were celebrated all around the world especially in the USA.
But after all the celebrations died in a few years the mental health of the astronauts become week. One would images the personalities of such stature that has the capability of inspiring generations would not become mentally weak and would not pick up bad habits but it did happen.

Buzz Aldrin in the Picture, Picture was taken by Neil Armstrong
Certification of all the 3 Apollo 11 Astronauts going through Customs

Buzz Aldrin the lunar module pilot became alcoholic and suffered from depression.

When you return from the moon, one has to go through the same procedure as someone leaves the country, in short, they had to go through customts. Also upon arrival they spent 3 weeks in quarantine.


Even today we don’t have some technology to safely send people to the other planet so how the hell NASA sent 6 crewed missions to the moon. Even today we don't have accurate solutions to the problems that arise with the interplanetary voyage.

On top of that deep space is a ruthless and deadly place to be, no one is exempted from the effects of it. There are many radiations, side effects, time dilation effects of taking a journey through space. It is said that science and scientists have still not cracked the code of saving humans from the radiation even if they are traveling in their protected spacecraft.
Solar flare and solar radiation are a big thing, they are very unpredictable and unexpected, recently we had the biggest solar flare of all time. Passing from the Van Allen Belt is whole another story.

A Must Watch Video to Know the Details about the 14 KB RAM Thing

The technology of that era was is in its infancy as compared to today’s advancements. It is said they took the spacecraft to the moon and back with only 14 KB of RAM which is a laughable amount by today’s standards. The original iPhone was launched with 128 MB of RAM which seems like it launched ages ago. So why can’t they launch a spacecraft with billion or even trillion times the power we have today?


Flag Fluttering in the Wind

in a video where an astronaut is putting the flag on the surface of the moon, you can clearly see the flag-waving as if it is in the wind. These are some of the strongest instances which create conspiracy theories about the moon landings. People have gone to the length of saying that it was staged somewhere on the ground in Area 51.

The Actual Recording of the Moon Landings was not Clear

Here we can consider the fact that it was very early for the video cameras to be excellent in picture quality. But only the footage of the landings was not clear except everything was.

No Stars in the Background

Although NASA has an explanation for every accusation that was put forth on them. They said due to the shining effect of the moon dust they had to increase the saturation of all the films and the photos to make the astronauts clearly visible. Hence no stars could be seen anywhere.

No Stars in the Background

Multiple Shadows

There were some photos that had 2 shadows of the same objects pointing in different directions. NASA had an explanation for this theory also.

Unparallel Shadow Casting on the Surface of the Moon

DISCLAIMER: The reasons suggested above are based on the facts & figures and the findings of the people, in no shape or form I get to put my personal opinions in this article. This article is mainly driven by the accusations that were thrown on NASA after some differences people found in NASA’s findings.



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