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Elon Musk says he will land people on Mars as early as 2024 but if we look at his records for delivering things, I think it will be more like 2030 by going his standards. But actually, if we look we won’t be seeing any human activity on Mars by the end of this decade. It will be more like in the mid of next decade.
Nowadays SpaceX is in the testing phase and is testing its fleet of different-sized rockets for future missions. They are constantly making efforts to reduce the cost of each space mission, which NASA couldn’t do.

We are born in an age when we are too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the universe.

If you look at the technology, it is very primitive to send people on Mars because only 30% of all missions sent to Mars have succeeded. If you want to send people then we have to do better than this and increase our chances by quite a lot. But looking at history the only question that people have been asking is why haven’t we returned to the moon in 50 years? Some people have also doubted the fact that we ever went to the 🌔.
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Given the fact that the success rate of these highly dangerous missions is very less, some people and journalists have even deemed these promises to be fake and they even suggest that it was deliberately done to gain more attraction to their other businesses. These accusations can be proven more strongly by the fact that 14 astronauts were killed in the space shuttle era in 2 separate missions. Also, the number of missions sent by other countries is very low and the success rate is even lower.


The next technological leap would be making the virtual images into real ones. Currently, we are only able to see things that are displayed on screens in a virtual way but in my opinion, the future will have more of an interactive view of that virtual display. It will have those virtual displays that can be displayed on a screen and on top of that we could interact and give commands to the system from that screen itself. Many people would argue this is what a projector looks like but mind you, I think that technology will explode in the coming decades and what projects there can do today is just the primitive form of it.

And on top of that, we could be able to see real 3D images or the functioning of displays in three dimensions. Again someone can argue that we had this technology in the form of 3D TVs but we needed a special glass or goggles to see the 3-D effect. But the next generation would surely have the 3-D effect clearly visible from our naked eyes and also it would be integrated into all screens and displays. The best and the first place to start is on our phones, as they are the most interactive tools Money can buy today and the one who integrates this technology into our devices would surely make a generational fortune.
This technology can be implemented using a pair of real-time monitoring cameras. Both cameras can work in tandem to track our eyes and adjust the 3-D effect constantly on the screen. hence without glasses, we can view perfect 3-D. This technology is already integrated into the newest version of S Class that was launched recently.

To more about the new S Class, refer to this article:


As a matter of fact, nothing has gone anywhere near to our Sun except for The Parker solar probe which recently went and clicked very high-resolution pictures of the surface. Also, it led to many discoveries of arson and this spacecraft was the first one in history to be named after a person.

Scientists say we are born in a time when we are too late to explore the earth end to early to explore the universe.

Many attempts had been made to reach the nearest star but all of them seem out of a sci-fi movie. The distance between the earth and Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light-years, hence the least time that this mission can be completed is 8.4 years.
There are many ways through which travel time can be reduced between them. Scientists have proposed many theories such as the use of antimatter, the use of other types of chemical engines, etc. The main problem is our current technology, with our current technology it would take us at least thousands of years to reach there and another thousand to come back. But scientists have even proposed some technologies that would take just 50 years to reach there.

They have devised a new invention of devices called Lightsail, the size of a large shoebox, but when inflated would be the size of the car. They proposed that the Silver film in them would inflate in a regular rectangular pattern and a laser beam from earth would be blasted on them which would slowly increase their speed to 20% the speed of light. To make our chances very good of going there we would be deploying thousands of them and the journey would only take 20 years.

If our engineers are able to perfect these pint-sized spacecraft and we achieve interstellar travel, humanity will be rewarded with an entirely new understanding of outer space.


Humans appeared on the surface of earth around 10,000 years ago but we have a recorded history of only 4000 years. Unlike some mammals and reptiles we surely won’t be living forever, what has come must go, but when that’s the question here. By looking at the activities of people it seems like it won’t be too long before we are gone, we humans developed to be the most intelligent species on earth but we became greedy and wanted to use nature for our benefit without giving it back.

Extraordinary minds like Elon musk have already started the migration process by sending people to Mars in the near future. We, humans, are fully utilizing the resources of nature and sometimes even exploiting them for our benefit. I think humans were made intelligent by mother nature 2.0 to help other species live a better life but the exact opposite happened.

Considering the fact that humans are intelligent, the abolishment of them would not be in the near future but if some calamity happens what if something unorthodox takes place then the end would be very near.
The possibility of light happened when water in an astroid came from the outside world, the similar can happen just like that of the dinosaurs where a mighty asteroid can hit the earth without any warning and result in the abolishment of life altogether.



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