You don’t know this but you are on the losing side of the economy. Whichever way you put it, if you don’t act smartly you are going to lose money in the long run, the economic system is designed like that. Inflation will eat all your savings and profits over time if they are left in a bank account not invested in a portfolio wisely. Inflation is a silent killer and inevitable phenomenon which can’t be ignored.

If you look closely, economics is very well designed to keep financially illiterate people poor and rich people insanely rich. The rich have…

See part 1 to know more about the workings of the Economy and how it favors the rich in 2021.

Link:- https://sanujraj.medium.com/how-the-economy-and-money-works-in-2021-part-1-555bb5609e0b


There is a pattern of market crashes that happens periodically every time when there is more supply in the market than demand. Smaller crashes happen all the time, but the big ones come every decade or so. The latest big crash came after the coronavirus pandemic, the last one before this came in the form of a housing market crash, and before that, it was the dot com bubble that burst.

And the mother of all crashes comes…


In the middle of 2021, the crypto market made people unimaginable gains and made billions for the people who took their risky position in the market.

Make no doubt the crypto market is a gamble still now, it is unlike other markets which are government regulated rather it is a decentralized entity that runs 24/7 with massive volatility.


We all know that Jeff Bezos is insanely rich and holds about 12% of Amazon among his other investments. Most of the people think the money he has accumulated with Amazon stock is sitting somewhere ready to be taken out whenever needed, but let me tell you that money cannot be cashed out at any moment, if it were to be sold then the whole stock exchange would collapse and millions of people will lose their money in Amazon.

Make no mistake he has $200 billion but not in a bank account or it can’t be cashed out easily. You…

The Real Meaning

Life is a very personal matter which resides in one’s mind. everybody in this world has a personal taste and a choice of their own which is far different from anybody else and this quality makes each and every person on this planet special but sadly most of the people fail to realise this until they are met with sadness.

Never blame anyone in life, the good people give you happiness, the worst people give you lesson and the best people give you memories.

Above everything, your personality matters the most and it is something which anyone regardless of age…

Sometimes we take pride in being the smartest species in the world but sometimes we feel all the smartness has made our strength lost in nature. Often times we feel we have the ability to do anything but most of the time with you worthless. This is because of the nature of a body, it has both the qualities of strength and weakness.

All these qualities and weaknesses make us unique and make us what we are today. If it weren’t for our ancestors to do what they did in order to save ourselves, we wouldn’t be here.

Following are…


Happiness comes from within, there is no one in this world or no place in this world that will make you happy unless you don’t want to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind that we choose to follow rather than some external forces that allow us to choose it. Happiness doesn’t equate to having a smile on my face rather it is a strong feeling that makes us feel good about ourselves and our surroundings.

Happiness is where you are, unless nowhere.

Happiness can be anything like a place, feeling, any situation, it really depends upon the individual…


The stock market has a history of crashing and it also has a history of making incredible successes. People come here for one thing which is to make money. For decades the stock market has been a very rewarding entity but as a rule of thumb, it tends to crash and eventually lower the prices of almost every stock. …


The USA is located in the western hemisphere, surrounded by water bodies on most of its sides. Not only that these water bodies stretch for hundreds of miles in both directions, one way it is considered to be the end of the world with the Pacific ocean, and on the other way it is the gateway to another world which is Europe. it can be partially said that the USA is situated in another part of the world from where most of the population is concentrated on the planet.

A lot of factors contributed to the US becoming a major…


Engines are one of the most “technologically advanced common things” that we see every day from our eyes but we still fail to recognize the beauty behind it because they have been powering all kinds of vehicles for a century. But through all this time the engine as one would guess the engines would have been perfected to its limit but this is not true because they only utilize about 20% to 30% of the energy of the fuel that they are burning.
Humans, in particular, have built very few engines that give more than 50% efficiency, for example, Carnot cycle…

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