Hubble was one of the most revolutionary objects not only in space science but in all of the 20th century. It defined an era where we came a step closer to answer the questions, that humans have been asking since the inception, “Are we alone in this universes or is there someone out there just like us?”. It was put in space through the collective effort of hundreds of scientists. It was launched into orbit on April 24, 1990, on the Discovery space shuttle.
Hubble was the brainchild of Edwin Powell Hubble.


  • By definition, an asset is something that generates capital for you in the long run and short run. An asset can be anything unless it generates money, it can be shares of a company, a real estate investment, or investment of any kind.
  • By definition, a liability is something that you are liable to pay in the future. People don’t know this but there are many things in your life that are a liability and not an asset.


This is the most common type of mistake that people make, you have to remember the difference your car is not an…


Planned Obsolescence by definition is the policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life or a purposeful frail design so that it becomes obsolete after a certain predetermined period of time.

You might not know this but we live in a world created and controlled by rich people. “We are their baits, and by feeding on us they become rich.” I have no reason to blame the rich because they know something which the poor doesn’t know and never tries to know, and they have every right to be where they are, by acting accordingly…


The general purpose of the differential is to split the torque coming from the engine to each individual wheel of an axle so that they can rotate at different speeds irrespective of each other. In the early days of the automobile during the start of the 20th century when the concept of the differential was not invented, only one of the rear wheels was connected to the engine.

As a matter of fact, very few electric cars have to hassle of differentials, those EVs that have only one motor for an axle, include differential otherwise they have one motor for…


Basically, these turbochargers are the afterthought for creating power out of thin air literally. Nowadays popular and big manufacturers prefer turbocharging their cars. Even the government has pushed their regulation to meet these standards.
A turbocharged engine is smaller and lighter and is able to produce a lot of power while being cleaner for the environment as well.
So you might think why not turbocharger every car on the market right now but this is not that simple. …


A car is generally a dense amount of engineering that is done and perfected over the course of the 20th century and still, we are not there. It's a good thing as we know that nothing is perfect, which applies to cars as well. Although today’s cars are more reliable, safer, and faster than ever before.

The limiting factor in high-performance cars is the tires and not the engine, as to how faster a car can go. …


Hedge Funds are a true conglomerate that has ruled Wall St. for many decades. These firms work on the principles of only one thing that is to churn out profits and gains from their investment. They are unregulated so they put their investment wherever they think it will be a good investment, it can be the stock market, bonds, commodities, forex, or anything.
And yes, you can’t put your money with the Hedge Funds because you need to be at a certain level in financial terms to be able to give your money to these Hedge Funds. …

See part 1 to know about the GameStop situation and the general way on how these Hedge Funds work.

Link:- https://sanujraj.medium.com/how-hedge-funds-make-so-much-money-part-1-9d4d42bc411f


It is very easy to start a Hedge Fund, initially, anybody with a computer and a decent internet connection can start their own firm. But to beat the competition and to gain trust with people’s money that you’re going to magnify is the hardest part, which comes only with time and proven results. Mostly many firms were started in the 70s. Some of them have grown out to be a huge success in today’s time.

Believe it or not…


The number one question that pops into mind if you buying an EV is that, what am I going to do if the battery runs out of juice in the middle of nowhere. This is the exact question that has prevented an industry to take off for a century despite the fact that it has many pros attached to it. …


The meaning of respecting your elders means that we are respecting the age difference consciously but rather we respect the extra experiences that they have accumulated with that age difference and that difference unintentionally and unconsciously turns into a respect for your elders. Remember experiences don’t come with time alone but they come with success and failure in life. The more you fail the more experienced you become. Any elder person would definitely tell you that life is not about living on the edge of it, life is about making someone else’s unprivileged life beautiful and worthwhile.

“The loneliest people…

Sanuj Raj

A Millennial

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