He is the prime example of never giving up no matter what the hell is going on. His companies many a time came very close to bankruptcy but he never gave up. Tesla even after the launch of the Model 3 came to be bankrupt but he held on and never let go.
Even SpaceX was struggling a bit when the first few launches didn’t go as planned. …


Start this by firing a powerful rocket to take it off the ground. The window for going to Mars comes every 26 months. It takes a journey of almost 7months to reach the red planet. Then comes the horrific part of EDL (Entry, Descent, and Landing) which lasts 7 minutes and is considered the hardest part of the whole mission.

Actual Footage of the Landing of the Rover on Mars

It is significantly harder because the signal to reach one way from Mars to Earth takes about 11 minutes 22 seconds and the EDL only takes approximately 7 minutes. …


Fundraising is one of the key components of any startup. It sits at the core of any startup. It can be done in a number of ways but founders generally prefer two ways, which are capital raising through investors or by taking a loan, there is one another way but in most cases, it is not possible which is through their personal savings.

Shareholders are referred to as the CEO’s CEO because the company is working very hard to make money for the stakeholders, not the CEO. The CEO’s are paid regularly regardless of the performance of the company.

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Cryptocurrency is taking the world over like anything, recently it crossed the valuation landmark of $1 Trillion and counting. Of course, Bitcoin is a major part of the valuation, sitting north of $600 Billion followed by Ethereum at around $200 Billion. To be fair we all know there is no stopping to these exchanges and there is no limit to where they can reach.

These cryptos were made simply to decentralize the power of money which rets with the central bank of the country. It was made for the people, to have monetary power in the hands of the smaller…


If you have the following traits and habits, just go for them and never look back.

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The American space shuttle program has had a great run overall but every good thing has its shortcomings. Out of 5 space crafts in the program, 2 were destroyed, killing everyone on board. Ultimately the decision was taken to ground all the space shuttles but they were still in service until 2011, because they were the cargo flights used to build the ISS (International Space Station). And after this international collaboration was completed it was retired after 135 total flights.

It consisted of 5 space shuttles namely:- 1. Discovery 2. Atlantis 3. Colombia (was destroyed in the year 1986) 4…

JWST vs The Hubble


James Webb in its basic form is an orbiting infrared observatory that will investigate the thermal radiation of space objects. It is specifically made to answer the fundamental question of where it all started, how the Big Bang created the universe?

Fundamentally JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) is considered as the successor of the legendary Hubble which was launched in 1990 but just like the Hubble, it represents the peak capability of humans at that particular moment in time.


The economic crisis is a part of our economy that takes place due to certain conditions that are indeed created by us. There have been multiple crises that have taken place all around the world and in different economies. The most highlighted are the ones that happened in 1929, 2009, and the recent Covid-19 crisis.

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Basically what happens in a crisis is that the economy slows down completely and the stock market crashes pulling down all the stocks with it. That means there are few jobs, people are making and spending less money and some businesses suffer heavily or shut…

A War Fought for World Supremacy


The cold war was the infamous war that was fought between 2 giants of their times to suppress world supremacy. Those 2 countries were the USA and USSR. Although it was called a war not a single bullet was fired. Both of them had a distinct ideology which they wanted to impose on the world, not in the way to rule the world but to become a superpower.
Both the countries invested heavily in their armies and made some extraordinary advancements in that field. …

NASA’s Tragic History


The American space shuttle program was one of the most iconic projects in the history of the world. The program lasted 30 years, costing NASA billions of dollars and unfortunately several lives. Initially, the space shuttles were used to send astronauts to the space to carry out certain experiments, and later on, it was used to build the International Space Station.
It consisted of 5 space shuttles namely:-
1. Discovery
2. Atlantis
3. Challenger
4. Colombia
5. Enterprise

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The odds of a catastropic end for the first space shuttle launch was 1 out of 9, the people…

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