Since the age of dawn, humans have been asking this question to themselves but to this day they haven’t received any answers. We really don’t know “are we truly alone in this universe or is there somebody somewhere alive on another planet”. Scientists all around the world have been working for centuries to answer this basic question yet difficult one but they haven’t arrived at any conclusion.

To this day we haven’t received any sign of any kind from the outside, we even don’t know if somebody is watching us or not. These are the questions that nobody knows the answers to but we are desperate enough to find them someday in the future.

Why SpaceX and Blue Origin are doing what NASA does best?

Entities like NASA, ESA, ISRO are made to find the answers to these unknown questions. They have done some revolutionary work in the past such as sending people to the moon, landing rovers on another planet, sending aircraft beyond our solar system, etc. On the other hand, private firms like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ blue origin are trying their best to make humans a multi-planetary species.

Private firms are doing this because it is believed that the first person to do space mining will be the first trillionaire of the world. And they are the ones who started it very early on, although this space mining thing is 50 years in the future, although starting early doesn’t cost a thing, right? People like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have realized this very early on and have started doing just that with the help of these companies. But the current aim of SpaceX is to make humans multi-planetary by going to Mars and setting up a base, we all know this is not possible even in the next decade or so but if Elon musk believes in this then he must be doing what we don’t know.

As a Matter of fact, when we sent rovers to Mars we made sure that it was made as clean as possible in order to not disinfect Mars with living organisms.


No, not at all, whoever agrees to this must be a flat earther. In the recorded history we haven’t communicated anywhere outside our earth except the satellites which are in deep space beyond our solar system. There have been many theories and conspiracies that we did communicate in the not-so-distant past but those theories are all wrong and are all made up. But this has not stopped people from imagining and believing things that aren’t really true.

The only way to communicate from the outside world is through radio waves which travel at the speed of light. Suppose the outside world communicates in a different manner or different way than we are out of luck in the first place.

We are born in a time when we are too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the universe.

Seeing UFOs?

This is the stupidest thing we can think of as an educated species, naming something as lame as Unidentified Flying Object, does this make any sense to you?

The people who don’t have any work or aim in life, claim they have seen UFOs. By considering its naming scheme, anything which cannot be identified by anyone comes under the category of UFO, if suppose you don’t know which plane is flying then it can be considered as an Unidentified Flying Object, isn’t it? There are many movies which are made on this topic, somehow this topic intrigues people into making them excited about the future.
And I don’t understand why people try to imitate aliens in the shape and form just like a human, an alien is anything that is alive and is not from the earth as a matter of fact it could be anything very different from our thinking and perspective.


People like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are taking this initiative very seriously, they even claim, the fact that they would be landing humans on Mars as early as 2025, which is impossible considering the fact that it has been 50 years and we haven’t returned to the moon. The things that Elon musk has done for the world make us believe we would be landing before 2030 but if you consider other experts this is simply not possible.

In order to land humans on the moon, NASA had to overcome many challenges and obstacles, also they had to invent new technologies in order to do so, these invented technologies were, later on, were very useful to us. But some people believe we never went to the moon or NASA hoaxed the Moon landings. do you believe the same?

Here’s an article for your reference:


1.The average temperature of the Martian surface is relatively low as compared to earth, so a technical solution given by Elon musk is to bomb the surface of Mars with nuclear weapons that would drastically increase the average surface temperature.

2.The air composition of Mars is not human-friendly as 95% of air consists of carbon dioxide and the oxygen level is very less. This is the main factor that we need to combat before we step on Mars.
As a matter of fact, NASA’s Perseverance rover has successfully made oxygen from the Martian air, which is a good indication if we ever wanted to change our homes.

3.The atmospheric pressure on Mars is very less, it is about 1% of Earth’s atmosphere which makes breathing Martian air more difficult and to some extent lethal. On top of that, the intensity of gravity on Mars is about 62% lower, if you weigh 100 kgs here, on Mars you would be 38 kgs to be precise.

At last, I would like to conclude, I think there would be some single cellular organism in the very early stages that may be present on another celestial body far far away from us. Not in the shape or form we could ever imagine.




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