By definition, blood transfusion is a process in which the whole blood or parts of the blood are put into a patient’s bloodstream through a vein. Giving your blood for someone who is in need is considered one of the Nobel things that a person can do. People are encouraged to donate blood at regular intervals. FYI blood donation and bold transfusion are 2 different things.


  1. A+ can donate to A+ & AB+
  2. B+ can donate to B+ & AB+
  3. AB+ can donate to AB+ (Worst BG for donation)
  4. A- can donate to A+, A-, AB+ & AB-
  5. B- can donate to B+, B-, AB+ & AB-
  6. AB- can donate to AB+ & AB- (Least common BG)
  7. O+ can donate to A+, B+, AB+ & O+ (Most common BG)
  8. O- can donate to everyone (Best BG for donation)
Desciption of Different Blood Types


Rh-null is considered the rare of the rarest blood sometimes considered as “the golden blood”. People with this blood type have a complete absence of ‘Rh’ antigens in their blood. There are 61 potential protein in the Rh system. Rh null blood lacks all 61 antigens which give the name ‘null’. As a result of this, it is called universal donors at least with respect to Rh antigens because containing no antigens makes the blood non-rejectable.

Here’s a Brilliant Video that will Answer all your Queries.


ABO typing is a two-step process that includes testing the blood for A, B, or O type in the first step and testing it for being negative or positive in the second step. These two steps can accurately detect your blood type.

ABO Typing Testing


1. Do animals have blood types?

Yes, they do. They have species-specific BG. These groups are determined by the structure of the blood based on the presence or absence of antibodies along with the make-up of proteins that sit on the outside of RBC(s).

2. Are there links between blood types and certain diseases?

No, not all. Every BG is independent of the diseases that it may cause in the first place. It is dependent upon external factors such as the immediate surrounding environment, hereditary, etc.

3. Can I donate if I have a tattoo?

If you have a tattoo, you can only donate if you meet certain requirements. This goes for piercing too. You can only donate after 1 year of your tattoo. Introducing ink, metal or any other foreign material can expose to the immune system to harmful conditions.

4. I can donate only once a year.

Your blood replenishes itself, but not all at once. Plasma is restored within 24 hours, for RBC it is four to six weeks. That is why you must wait at least 56 days to donate.


  • This is a simple but brilliant technique used by doctors before surgery. If you have a surgery that is scheduled in the future and which requires blood to operate then your blood is taken out as a donation way before the surgery and used later in the surgery which eliminates the need for blood from a different person altogether.
    This eliminates any risk that comes with blood transfusion.
  • While our immune system is brilliant at many things but in some areas, it is not bright as if a person with type A receives a blood of type B blood, the immune system won’t recognize it and will assume it as an invader and will try to attack resulting in people growing ill or dying during the process of wrong transfusion.
  • The color of your blood may vary to an extent, it will still be red but the shades may vary. The oxygen-rich blood has a bright red color but a deoxygenated blood has a darker red color.
    So next time when you get a cut and start bleeding don't judge the health of your body by the color of your blood whether it is darker or brighter. It purely depends upon the content of oxygen it has in it.
    FYI not all blood present in the animal kingdom is red, octopuses have blue blood because of the presence of copper in their blood and skink, a type of lizard has green blood because they don't excrete biliverdin which adds to the green color.
  • If we go in detail and start listing all components of blood, we will end up with a list that will contain millions of different blood types. But as a matter of fact, we know this is not the case as we only have 8 main blood groups because only a few components determine our blood type and they are the same for 99% of the population. Only a select few have their smaller components determining their blood types such as Rh-null which doesn't have any Rh component in the blood.
    Rh alone has 61 different components.



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