The word conservatism itself suggests that it is a form of ideology in which the government wants to preserve and conserve the way society works.
The basic principle of conservatism is that humans are very evil and dangerous when there is no one to control their minds and govern what they can do or what they can’t do. This form of government pays focus especially on the controlling part of human nature.

This ideology says that a strong and influential government should be established so that people don’t go against what is right in society and what is being followed by everyone.
They should be taught to follow the traditional practices and values in society. This form of government is welcoming of change and tries to see it in a very natural way, it should not be thought of as a deal-breaker or a thing that can’t happen.

Basically, this is an extended part of communism that we saw in the USSR. The only main difference in conservatism is that people are given more rights and freedom and they can express themselves in society.

The perception of people is different for everyone in this ideology. Here each person is regarded as a special one in the sense that no two persons are the same and one may have greater ability and thought process than the other within the society.


The ideology of liberalism states that an individual is a priority in society and they are more important than a social group. Here no problems are created if the sentiment of a society is hit rather the individuals can’t be kept at any harm.
The notion of keeping humans at the forefront of this society is the key aspect of this ideology. Additionally, this also states that humans on their own are very intelligent species and they can act very rationally and make good decisions when they are left alone without any intervention from the government.
Individuals or humans are seen as very capable entities in this form of government.

Human rights and duties are very important and they should be followed diligently by the citizens. Also, people have a social responsibility of looking after each other on their own.

This form of government is welcoming of any kind of change, it believes if the government is not working properly or needs to be changed then they should be changed in the order to have a proper change the society.

Why Democracy is so important in Liberalism?

Because in this ideology the government needs to take permission from the general public in order to make a big decision for their people. Here the public is the ultimate head and the government is answerable to them no matter what.
Here the job of the government is really to look after the society where everyone has a saying what they should be doing, free speech is also exercised in the society.

And the preservation of individual freedom within a society is the most important aspect which should be looked upon by the government.


Keeping in mind that we humans are social animals and we love dwelling and interacting with people in various ways is the core aspect of Socialism. Just like other idealisms equality of everyone in the community is more important than the individual rights of each person.

The socialist perspective thinks that wealth should be equally divided amongst everyone and there should be no concept of inherited wealth in society.
On top of that, the concept of the lower-class, middle class, and higher classes should not exist at all. This concept can be achieved by taxing the rich people with high interest so that the economy is maintained and circulated with everyone in equal proportions.
Basically putting society first in comparison with an individual.

The public sector should be given more importance than the private sector, and the growth of the public sector would mean people are given equal opportunity and equal services are provided to all. The concept of privatization is kept at a minimum so that the wealth does not consolidate with anyone.
The moral thing to do here is that you should be working for the state instead of working for big corporations to make yourself more money.

Nanny States

The socialist government has a huge responsibility of looking after its citizens in every aspect of their life, just like a nanny would do hence the term nanny states emerged.
This includes giving us free healthcare, free education, even free housing when we need it.

Basically the concept of communism and socialism is not very different, they share the same ideology and concepts and even has the same interest. The only thing that is different is that at the end of the communism in every government, the highest commander has become a dictator if we look at history.
There is a very fine line of difference between communism and socialism.


Nationalism is the idea of promoting the self-interest of the nation to its people. It has the ideology that the government should be able to govern itself free from unwanted outside interference from any other nation. It is also oriented towards developing and maintaining a national identity based on race, class, gender among other characteristics. As a matter of fact, it is our aim at the world to show the power of a nation by making the people believe in their ideology. The USA is both the best and the worst example of nationalism.

Nationalism is closely related to the term of patriotism. Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first where is nationalism is when the hate for people other than your own comes first.

In my opinion, a combination of all that above mentioned ideologies in sizeable proportion would be a better choice for any country to run on because as we all know nothing is perfect and everything has its merits and demerits. So choosing one ideology would not be beneficial for anyone.



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