An Image of the Rover PERSEVERANCE
All 4 Previous Rovers in a Single Picture


1. Ingenuity ( The Helicopter)

Battery Enclosure Behind the Circuit Board to Keep Internals Warm
Detailed Description of Helicopter Blades
This is the Actual Hardware of the Ingenuity Helicopter that is Sent to Mars

2. Super Cam


1. A Dedicated Computer

2. Improved Wheel Design

Newly Designed Titanium Wheels on Perseverance
Punctured Wheel of the Previous Generation Curiosity Rover


  • The PRESERVERANCE is designed to collect the Martian soil sample and return them to Earth on future missions by the 2030s. The rover has specially designed super clean tubes to collect those samples and keep them intact and preserved in their present state until the return journey. The extended hand of the rover is responsible for collecting the samples. There are 43 tubes and scientists hope to bring back about 37 considering all the possibilities.
    The samples have to be super clean to avoid the risk of introducing our own Earth particles to the samples when we touch them. Instead of finding Mars particles, we would be finding Earth particles by mistake. So, it has to be in a quarantined condition for a while.
All the 43 Tubes for Sample Collection
  • SHERLOC- It stands for Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organic & Chemicals. It enables non-contact, spatially resolved, and high sensitivity detection and characterization of organics and minerals in the Martian surface and near subsurface. The main goal of the instrument is to assess past aqueous history, detect the presence and perseverance of potential biosignatures, and support the selection of return samples. To do this SHERLOC measures minerals, the distribution, and types of organics preserved at the surface and correlates them to textural features.




A Millennial

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Sanuj Raj

A Millennial

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