1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 21 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link

Pi network stands for Pioneer network.
Revolutions like the pi network have started their mining process in a new way that everyone has the access to. Earlier when you wanted to mine Ethereum or bitcoin you needed to have a specialized ASIC machine or expensive graphics cards. But mining of pi network is as easy as starting from your mobile phone, they provide everyone with equal opportunity so that no matter what each person gets to mine their pi coins and have a equal share in the revolution.

Mind you the Pi network has not started yet but their mining has started. It is set to launch in the year 2022 with a mission to provide secure and seamless transactions in the form of pi coins.

How does the maths work in Pi mining?

In the current Mainnet, the speed of the mining of Pi coins is 0.1 pi coins/hour. The speed of mining by coins is based on the logarithmic scale, it gets half every time the number of users increase by 10 fold. Earlier when the number of users was below 10 million the speed of the mining was 0.2 coins per hour but after the 10 million mark it was reduced to its half to 0.1 and when the number of users will hit 100 million then it will further half to 0.5 coins per hour and the trend will continue.

A normal mining process lasts for 24 hours. The mining process has to be started every 24 hours to continue.

The Math works in a way that every new contributor is invited for mining processes then he gets the speed of the current logarithmic scale and the inviter gets a 25% increase from the original logarithmic scale mining speed. So here you can see the speed can be increased by inviting a lot of people through your invitation code.

More information on logarithmic scale:

A pie user cannot start on their own they need to have an invitation code in order to get started. It is one of the simple methods used by the creators of the coin to attract more attention, here they are using the Starbucks method where the customer is promoting their brand instead of them promoting them. Tesla uses a similar method and saves a ton of money on advertising.



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