The meaning of respecting your elders means that we are respecting the age difference consciously but rather we respect the extra experiences that they have accumulated with that age difference and that difference unintentionally and unconsciously turns into a respect for your elders. Remember experiences don’t come with time alone but they come with success and failure in life. The more you fail the more experienced you become. Any elder person would definitely tell you that life is not about living on the edge of it, life is about making someone else’s unprivileged life beautiful and worthwhile.

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did”

Here, the things that are being talked about the elder siblings and relatives are in exception of parents because they are eternal and are well-wishers no matter what happens, so I am no one to talk about them.

Fundamentally elders are the one who teaches us to act the way we do, think the way we do and behave the way we do. In more than one way we are the shadows of our elders. Their thoughts are beliefs are integrated into ours at some point in our lives.


Having an elder sibling is a boon and a bane at the same time as you get to know what are the things that you are not supposed to do in the future, or what are the things that you should avoid doing in general.
It is a classic example of learning from people's mistakes and not doing them for your own sake. You definitely get a head start in many of the things and have proper knowledge of the situations and things that are coming your way.

It turns out to be a bane if the elder sibling has a bad influence on you, as then the level of the anger that you didn’t know you have opens up and your thinking makes some significant changes accordingly.
The problem arises when the elder sibling tries to manipulate you according to his thoughts and beliefs. Then if you don’t identify and show it to your elder sibling that you want a stop to this then a problematic relationship grows which affects and has a severe effect on both of them in the distant future.


Having a younger sibling comes with its own challenges and benefits. The work and actions that you take are very closely observed by your siblings unconsciously no matter what the situation is, so every step needs to be precise and right in order to leave a correct impression. The things that you do in your childhood remain in people’s memory forever and to some extent, you become the result of the actions that you did when you were a child.

But if you don’t respect and illtreat your younger siblings the things turn out to be very drastic in the long run. These types of siblings try to fight with each other at every point in time and try to compete with each other regardless of the existence of any competition.

Having a younger sibling is a blessing and it should be kept like that, always remember the actions that you perform today, they form the basis in the long run.


The most important thing to understand is that everybody is related to everyone in some way but everybody has a life of their own which they want to live on their own terms. So, keep this in your mind before you try to be judgemental towards someone, they also have problems like you do and they are also dealing with the challenges of life like you do so live and let them live.

“If your thoughts are unique and pure and if it doesn’t hurt anyone then it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone”

See it's the nature of humans to judge anything that we see for the first time, the only thing that you could do here is to control your judgment nature and be understanding towards someone regardless of the situation.
If you master this quality then you will be unrecognized in the sense that it will change you so much. You will slowly get to know those secrets of life that you thought never existed. You will become a mature human being that will inspire other humans to be mature.


If you want to truly respect someone, respect them with your heart, not with your mind, don’t backbite them. Like you show you have belief in them in front of them and in their back you have a negative thought about them. This goes with any elder or even parents. If you have any misunderstanding with your parents, try to be very vocal and clear with your words and try to tell exactly what you feel about the situation.

And if you don’t want to respect someone just show it to them with your actions and not with your mouth, also don’t play games with them in order to pursue them to like you, because in the end truth comes out in many ways and the relationship becomes meaningless after a point, stability is not maintained.

Also, don’t seek profit and loss in those relations because any relationship is not a business statement. There are sacrifices to be made in order to have a balance that lets you enjoy another person’s company. A quantity of love has to be there in each relationship to produce a fruitful experience for both people.
Don’t seek happiness in things and materials because humans were built to love and cherish people and not things. Being materialistic will definitely leave you with negative thoughts about money in the long run and you will be left with the thought “Money can’t buy happiness”. So, love people not materials.



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