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Whatever you do to earn money, whether it is teaching or being a doctor, or being an engineer, if you don’t know how money more works you will be working for money instead of money working for you. We live in a society where “money begets money” which means you can make a lot more money from the available capital that you have. Financially literate people use this power of money all the time and make loads of money without doing any work for the company.
Don’t work for a company you should just buy them. This is the best way to start acquiring very small pieces of the company is through the stock market.
Don’t work for money instead make companies work for your money.

If you are not making money while you sleep, then you will be working for money the rest of your life.

Financial literacy is lacking in most individuals because we are not taught these things in school or colleges by our government. This is a deliberate act which the government chooses to do on purpose so that nobody goes against them and everybody is trained from the beginning to work for them. That’s why we don’t have a subject of money or life in our schools because the government wants us to be confused all the time so that we don’t focus on our goals instead we focus on how we can work better for someone else and make them more money.

Salary is the drug they give you to forget your dreams.

The ideology of capitalism was created in the initial days of the industrial revolution by the people who were the richest at that time, it was created in a way so that the rich remain rich and the poor remain poor which is exactly the case right now as the gap between the rich and the poor is the highest ever. The era of Covid has made billionaires more money than what poor people cannot produce in centuries. The one who knows how to make money can even make it in a crisis, this is exactly what has happened during the corona pandemic era.

Being filthy broke is hard, being filthy rich is hard, choose your hard.

Try to find ways in which people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made so much money. Okay, one can say that they made money through making and company which is very difficult to do but they maintained and multiplied their money by investing in the stock market which anyone with a dematerialized account. So follow the rulers and become one, one day. People are achieving so much by doing various things in their early 20s so here I want to see if they can achieve it why not you. Be the person who can do more than what he is paid for so that one day you become the person who is paid more than what he does.

Join my telegram channel to know more about trading in-general and to get profitable trading calls every working day:



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