Sanuj Raj
4 min readAug 17, 2021

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Just because it’s a life skill that can produce money for you and it will keep you financially available in difficult times. Trading is a very ancient technique to make money in the stock market. It has lasted more than 150 years and has seen the start of the industrial revolution, both world wars, and various economic depressions.
And it has come out victorious in each one of them. Big financial banks make money through the power of trading.

The trend of the market has not affect traders. One can make money in both uptrend and downtrend markets.

This is the direct example of capitalist ideology in which one can make more money from their existing capital. As history has shown that top people in terms of finances have all invested in the stock market at some point in their life. History teaches us many things but we fail to recognize them until it is too late. People take many things for granted until they lose something or they are taught very harshly.

Stock market is that well which can feed the wants and desires of the nation.

It is a no-nonsense skill that people can use and get better at with the passage of time. Many people dwell on the income generated by trading alone and are full-time traders. If they can do it why not you, it is known and proven that many people lose money but people do make money when they are regular and consistent with their mindset. Never lose hope even if you are on a losing streak because in the future all your losses can be covered up in one single trade. People generally do not know what they’re capable of until somebody else tells them about what they evidently believe then use their full potential to make more profitable trade than ever.

The intelligent investor is a Realist who sells to Optimists and buys from Pessimists.

Another reason for saying yes to trading would be making you financially available and independent, it is a skill very few people master but those who do make a good living out of it. If you see no hard work is required in this form of business because you are not doing manual labor anywhere in the process the only thing you need to do is maintain your mind to work beautifully in there and controlled situations.

Mind you, trading is a very very risky business because it is based on high-risk high rewards, there can be some trades that can lose you a month's worth of profits so use your brains and trade wisely. Try to convert your money from high-risk high reward to low-risk low reward by investing somewhere else. there are many low-risk low reward investment opportunities that people have been investing for decades, investing in gold could be the one to do.

The four years given to college if it were given to trading then you can surely improve your living conditions and can never be in debt.

Join my telegram channel to know more about trading in-general and to get profitable trading calls every working day: https://t.me/TRDing11